iugis Construction Corporation evolved from Eastern’s successful envelope construction business. Eastern earned a reputation for high-quality work with a focus on cost control. By eliminating waste and a deep understanding of the importance of project management, Eastern has delivered competitively priced work that meets all project requirements.

The evolution into general contracting is a natural expansion of the discipline, lean execution and respect for the critical path to cover the entirety of commercial and industrial building projects.

Mission Statement

To safely and profitably deliver purpose driven buildings with high-quality standards that demonstrate our respect for the people that will work in them.

Vision Statement


Be the place people want to work where synergy creates more progress than the sum of the parts.


Clearly define scope with complete transparency and work to make the client’s life easy by delivering on expectations.


Be an effective, lean, and fast-moving company.


Workmanship and attention to detail that delivers final solutions that clearly demonstrate we work with the end-user's vision in mind.


Our first priority. Everybody goes home in the same condition they arrived on the jobsite. Zero injury goal. Complete intolerance for unsafe behavior.


Clear communication, coordination and fair treatment of trade partners (subcontractors and suppliers). The goal is to develop and maintain strong bonds with key trade partners to make it a pleasure to do business with iugis


iugis’ culture is to be committed to people & solutions rather than just being involved in a project. Our conduct will exude an unwavering desire for excellence in the way we work and the projects we deliver.

The company maintains a general contracting license in:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia

Since the founding of Eastern’s envelope construction business in 1998, we have successfully delivered more than 2,000 projects throughout the United States. For the past 22 years, Eastern grew slowly while gaining a reputation for quality of craftsmanship and reliability.

In 2018, the company’s management concluded that the firm had grown sufficiently to broaden its primary target market from the envelope business to general contracting. In 2019, Eastern formed the general contracting division and has been making key hires, implementing systems and processes to manage projects, and establishing critical strategic relationships with key subcontractors in areas where Eastern has not historically engaged.

Eastern is broadening their scope of work from being limited to the envelope business to engage in commercial construction as a general contractor. We will leverage the success of our envelope business and project management enhancements that come with a key hire of our new COO as differentiators in the industry. The general contracting entity is iugis Construction Corporation.

As a general contractor, iugis acts in a supervisory role to coordinate the work of subcontractors to deliver on the owner’s expectations with the architect’s vision. iugis ensures a high level of quality in the execution of every project.

iugis Construction Corp.
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